Student Leadership – Serlby Park Leads the Way

At Serlby Park, we believe that all children should have a voice in the direction of the school and we want to promote leadership throughout the school and, as a result, we have recently introduced Serlby Park Leads the Way.  This overarching system promotes leadership at all levels and serves to ensure that all children feel part of the decision-making process within school as well as developing the confidence to express their opinions.  Furthermore, it aims to ensure that children have a sense of belonging within our school and develop friendships with others outside of their year group.  All staff members and pupils will belong to one of the following teams:

Team Believe

Team Endeavour

Team Support

Team Thrive

Teams will meet regularly to discuss developments within school with four Year 6 Team Captains feeding outcomes forward to the Senior Leadership Team.  British Values will be central to the system with pupils regularly voting on different areas/actions.  Serlby Park Leads the Way will also be used to motivate and inspire our pupils, with our Team Captains giving regular Serlby Speeches to remind their team members of academy expectations.  

Responsibilities Around the Academy

As well as being part of a team, some of our older pupils are also encouraged to take on roles within the academy which give them an increased level of responsibility.  The additional roles and responsibilities include:

Pupil Ambassadors

Reading Leaders

Reading Buddies

Active Leaders