The values, ethos and vision of Serlby Park Academy reflect those of Delta Academies Trust. 

We are an academy that:

➢ Places the health, safety, welfare and well-being of every member of the school community at the centre of everything it undertakes. 

➢ Supports and encourages everyone to do their best, building self-confidence in students in all aspects of their lives.

➢ Has high expectations for individuals: both students and staff. 

➢ Aims to improve aspiration, attainment and positive behaviours for students, staff and community. 

➢ Is a caring school, based on social responsibility, honesty, equality and consideration for others  

➢ Promotes and achieves success, both with individual students and staff. Encourages self-help, self-determination and self-improvement. 

➢ Promotes inclusion, by joint working within the academy and with outside agencies and partners.

➢ Expects courtesy and co-operation.

➢ Is at the centre of its community; a vibrant and welcoming venue, acting as a resource and a catalyst to community and individual growth.   

At Serlby Park Academy, we strive to promote an inclusive, welcoming learning environment. We wish for all members of the school community feel safe, valued and respected. We aim to encourage independence and individuality to provide confidence. This supports students to take risks through challenging learning opportunities. We will provide inspiring and motivating learning experiences so that all are able to achieve their potential. Our academy aims to be part of the wider community, which provides diverse opportunities for all. We aim to equip pupils with the skills to succeed. Our wish is for our students to take their place as caring responsible citizens of the future.