Personal Development

At Serlby Park, we care passionately about our children’s personal development. We want every child to move through our school feeling confident, unique and proud as well as feeling prepared to tackle any challenge they may face. 

Our aim is to teach children how to navigate through life safely, happily and healthily. Children are growing up in a world that is constantly changing, and it is the duty of all the staff at school to work in partnership with our families to teach the children transferable life skills. We teach children about the world around them, relationships, emotions, reproduction and health, as well as developing transferable skills to help them be successful in life. We promote British values as well as our school values through The Serlby Park Way, our PSHE lessons and our Spotlight Days.

Spotlight Days

During the course of this year we will be celebrating different topics based around the children’s personal, social, health and emotional development. This will be done through a celebration day each half term based on a particular topic. We will be calling these ‘Spotlight Days’.

Our Spotlight Days are designed to help children understand and grow in topics such as self-awareness, mental wellness, and physical health.  These days will consider the protected characteristics and British values as well as any needs or issues identified from within the local community.

During the Spotlight Days children will take part in activities in class and there may be times when we will also have visitors in school to further support the learning.